115th Air Assault Battalion

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Welcome to the 115th Air Assault Battalion!

The 115th Air Assault Battalion is a US Army unit known for its expertise in air assault, airborne operations, guerrilla warfare, small unit tactics, combined arms, and reconnaissance operations. Our operations are primarily conducted at the platoon level, requiring a mature attitude, teamwork, and the ability to resolve conflicts effectively. We utilize a promotion point system that values attendance, with a rank ladder designed to ensure fair and consistent progression. While we maintain a professional demeanor during operations, our unit culture outside of missions is casual and friendly. We foster a close-knit community, encouraging open dialogue and interaction among all members at all times. We are always eager to engage with other units for joint operations and collaborations. Our chain of command is approachable and responsive, always ready to listen to and discuss any suggestions or issues that may arise. This open communication and community-oriented approach make the 115th Air Assault Battalion not just a unit but a supportive family in arms.

Description of Unit Environment

We are a relaxed and open group when not in the field, embracing a laid-back, uncensored camaraderie that keeps our unit cohesive and morale high. However, as we transition into operations, we execute a sharp 180-degree turn towards a disciplined, milsim (military simulation) approach. This shift underscores our commitment to realism and immersion in every mission we undertake. To ensure the success and authenticity of our operations, we emphasize the importance of adopting a serious mindset. This approach not only enhances our operational effectiveness but also deepens the experience for everyone involved. We seek members who can appreciate and adapt to this dynamic, shifting seamlessly between casual interactions and the rigorous demands of our simulations.


Main Operations:

Our unit’s main operations are scheduled for every Saturday at 4:00 PM EST (8:00 PM GMT). These operations are crucial and mandatory for all active members, though we understand life’s priorities may sometimes take precedence. To ensure a smooth and timely start, we adhere to a strict loading and briefing schedule:

  • Command elements load in: 3:00 PM to 3:10 PM
  • Air Elements, Squad leads, and Recon load in: 3:15 PM to 3:20 PM
  • Standard Infantry load in and move to the briefing area: 3:30 PM to 3:40 PM
  • General briefing: Starts at 3:40 PM. Squads are dismissed to equip their kits by 3:50 PM.
  • Operation start time: 4:00 PM, no later.

Fun Ops:

Outside of our main operations, enjoy access to the server for additional activities, mini-ops, and spontaneous gameplay on non-scheduled days. The server also offers 24/7 access to the training area, allowing you to refine your skills and tactics at any time. This continuous access promotes individual improvement and unit cohesion in a more relaxed setting, enhancing the overall experience and readiness of our team.


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